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Our Mission

Improved and efficient approach to IIT JEE preparation


Our Goal


Lot to champion in short time We have designed the course to help you champion each and every topic from exam standpoint in the most efficient manner


We care about your success We value our students and are committed to timely addressing their queries


Give wings to your dream We want to make the JEE preparation affordable so that each and every student can give wings to their JEE dream

Our Initiative

Through years of hard work in decoding the best JEE preparation methodology, we have been striving to make it efficient and enjoyable which allows you to perform very well in the exams

During this journey, we have been guided by the following:

  • It is important to get the concepts right the first time
  • Visual memories last longer
  • Smart practice is key
  • Timely revisions win the game

Our Team

We have an excellent all IITians team, with valuable experience in education sector, which has worked hard to realise our initiative and dream. We all have just one goal i.e. to guide the students towards JEE success


Vikas Meel

B.Tech, IIT Delhi, Purdue University (USA)
Vikas has over 10 years of experience in mentoring JEE aspirants. He has graduated from IIT Delhi and then went to Purdue University for higher studies. After working across the globe in different top notch companies, he felt the need to boost the education system in India and provide students quality education in an affordable manner.

Sumit Kumar

B.Tech., IIT Delhi
Sumit has over 6 years of experience in mentoring JEE aspirants.