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Looking to score more than 99 percentile in Physics in JEE Mains & Advanced

How do i approach the question?
How and what should I practice?
It takes me a long time to revise the chapters

Why AceJEE?

Because you need a smart and structured approach with lots of practice and continuous revision to score high. And students who do well in physics tend to do well in all 3 subjects.


Practice smart through question types

(JEE Mains / Advanced Decoded)

  • 40 years JEE questions analyzed by logic
  • Improve your concepts
  • Better memory retention through visuals
  • Significant boost to your exam readiness

Get in-depth understanding of Physics concepts


  • Get concise lectures videos with concept questions and summary notes
  • Get JEE Mains & Advanced questions (with solutions) by chapterwise and section-wise
  • 109 Full Syllabus Physics Mock Tests
  • 200+ Physics Chapter Wise Tests
  • Practice NTA Abhyas questions by chapters and sections (including solutions)

Get real time guidance from the expert IITians


  • Ask any number of doubts anytime
  • Revise quickly through smart notes
  • Get Competitive Edge

How do we ensure success?

Most students struggle with applying basic understanding of concepts in solving JEE questions and revising physics topics near the exams. Team of expert IITians at AceJEE has analysed more than 40 years of JEE questions to uncover unique question types. This along with in-depth lecture videos, categorised question bank, mock tests and smart notes will not only allow you to solve JEE questions but also revise topics with ease and score a high rank with our proven smart approach.


Question Types

Prepare Smartly & Score High

  • 40 years JEE questions analyzed by expert IITians
  • All different types of questions summarized by topics

Lecture Videos

Champion concepts through Interactive lectures

  • Concise lecture videos with In-depth explanation of the concepts
  • Supplementary concept questions, solved JEE questions and summary notes with each lecture video

Smart Notes

Concepts at your finger tips

  • Smart Notes by expert IITans
  • Revise quicker and get a competitive edge (Included : Single wall poster with all topics)

JEE Questions Bank + NTA Abhyas + Mock Tests

Practice & boost your preparation

  • JEE Advanced + JEE Mains/AIEEE questions categorised by concepts
  • 200+ Physics Chapter Wise Tests
  • 109 Full Syllabus Physics Mock Tests
  • Full NTA Abhyas questions coverage chapterwise and section-wise

Ask a Doubt

Ask any number of doubts Anytime!

  • Get your doubts resolved in a timely manner
  • No extra waiting time to get your problems solved by IITians
  • Punchline:Ask any number of doubts Anytime!

Important Questions

Strategise your JEE Main preparation

  • 50 Most Important Question Types account for 40+ marks (88 percentile) in JEE Main physics
  • Master all 137 Important Question Types (ONLY) to score 70+ marks or 97+ percentile in JEE Main physics

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Physics online classes

For JEE Main & Advanced with Vikas SIr (IIT Delhi Alumni)

  • Very structured approach based on question types
  • Continuous revision
  • Personalized guidance
  • Lots of practice (2000 + questions discussed in class)

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To crack the toughest exam, you need a smart approach besides the hard work

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Let's do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions

AceJEE platform has been crafted by the expert IITians to guide you through JEE Mains & Advanced preparation and help you in scoring higher. You can go through the important question types for the JEE exam which covers the entire JEE syllabus. Our crisp and comprehensive lecture videos along with concept questions and summary notes will help you in developing a solid grasp on the subject.

Yes, AceJEE covers all Physics chapters in JEE syllabus comprehensively. Each and every topic has been covered in detail.

We at AceJEE believe that it is important for the JEE aspirants to have a solid understanding of the types of questions being asked in the JEE examination. We have analysed the last 40 years of JEE question papers and carved out the question types required to ace the JEE exam. Our unique percentile predictor will help you in making better strategy for the exam along with important question types.

We believe that effective practice is one of the main components for JEE preparation. You can access 30+ quality Physics mock tests and take them in a JEE exam simulated environment to assess your preparation. Apart from this, we have also provided chapterwise and section-wise JEE Question Bank with solutions to further enhance your question solving skills. Apart from that we have also covered chapterwise and section-wise Abhyas questions by NTA with solutions to give you the required edge in the JEE exam.

You can gauge through the percentile projection of various topics combined and make your own strategy to crack JEE exam. Percentile Predictor also comes with important question types for all the topics which will give you the knowhow of important types of questions to get your desired percentile in JEE Mains.

Yes! You can ask unlimited doubts from our team of expert IITians who will solve your doubts in the best way so that you don’t have any confusion in any topic.

Through question types you will have an absolute understanding of the type of questions that are asked in the JEE exam thus giving you the comprehensive understanding and confidence to crack questions in JEE paper which will help you scoring higher in the JEE exam.

You can access AceJEE on desktop as well as your mobile. Though we recommend our desktop version to have a better experience.

You can contact AceJEE from the contact us section or you can also approach us through our support widget on the right bottom side of the screen.

In the trial account you will get free access to Lecture Videos, Question Types, Smart Notes and Question Bank for four topics. You can get access to our full content by enrolling in one of our Physics courses.

In AceJEE you get different tools to assess your JEE preparation. Starting from the Question Types where you can assess your preparedness for the important types of JEE questions to the concept questions which will help you in gauging your conceptual clarity. Additionally, quality mock tests will give you the sense of standing in the JEE preparation.
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